Home News State deputy: Bitcoin will reach $20 thsd mark

State deputy: Bitcoin will reach $20 thsd mark

Chairman of the State Duma Financial Market Committee Anatoly Aksakov commented on the current rise of the bitcoin rate.

“The volume of the bitcoin market is quite significant, the growth potential is huge, it will grow until some crucial point, only then it will be possible to see the consequences. This is not the limit, the pyramid is not yet inflated to the point where it’ll burst. It will grow more and more <…> twice, maybe three times higher, maybe it will reach 20 thousand dollars mark,” — Aksakov suggested.

According to his words, the growth of bitcoin is connected with the heightened interest in the topic, not the opposite.

“I think that the growth is provoked by active discussions on this topic, nowadays many people are looking where to invest, they see how bitcoin reach new historical heights, gives the highest profitability in the world compared to all other financial instruments and hotheads rush into the hollow,”— deputy underlined.