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Moontec blockchain conference launches in Tallin in 5 days

The largest conference in Northern Europe devoted to blockchain technology Moontec 17 will be held in Tallinn, Estonia on 04-05 Dec 2017.
Event’s agenda is focused on technological solutions that are about to change the direction of many industries, including Public Sector, Fintech, Insurance, Cybersecurity, Logistics, e-Commerce and many others. The conference is designed to help attendees understand the opportunities offered by the Estonian e-Residency program (https://e-resident.gov.ee/) as well as educate them on how their business can benefit from the blockchain technology. Speakers include representatives from Microsoft, IBM, Hyperledger, Draper Associates, ConsenSys, Hashgraph, Funderbeam, Republic of Estonia, World Energy Council and many others.

Among the most anticipated headlines are:

  • Estcoin announcement on further development, following from Mr. Draghi’s statement on its legal status.
  • E–Residency plans on new establishments for blockchain businesses from all around the world.
  • Hashgraph will share more information on their technology, which is considered as a “better and faster alternative to blockchain”.
  • Euro 2.0 project announcement by a team of highly reputable people in the European FinTech scene.
  • Tim Draper will deliver a presentation on an unrevealed topic.
  • Ben Goertzel (creator of Sophia the Robot) will present SingularityNET with his core team.

Information on speakers and schedule can be found on events website http://www.moontec.io