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Security Expert: You Are At Great Risk Of Hacking At Public Charging Point

By: Khushhal Kaushik

These days there many ways of charging your Smartphone when the battery is running low — for example, using a laptop or a public charging station. However, you need to be aware that charging at public charging station increases the risk of hackers hacking your Smartphone easily.

According to my research, by installing a third party application into your Smartphone just in a few minutes by means of a micro USB and a laptop, they can access all your Smartphone information such as the device name, manufacturer, model, serial number, firmware information, files contents, and the electronic chip ID — all can be shared with the help of charging point.

This kind of USB port is designed to allow both charging and data transfer. So when your
smartphone is connected to such a port, it attempts to handshake with the computer
connected to the charging port — during that the data can be accessed and transmitted. This means that, by connecting your Smartphone to a public network using the USB cable, such as in a cafe or airport, you can put your information at a threat of being hacked.

IF you are a cryptocurrency used so you have to be more careful full for these hackers can install a Cryptocurrency-mining malware on your smartphone. Once installed on your smartphone then malware contacts a mining server that puts the phone’s processor to start mining without your permission. Once the mining process begins, the phone will heat up, as CPU utilization is very high. So you are smartphone doesn’t have the processing power mine and on top of that, mobile devices often have limited battery life, because they are not constantly being charged, thus limiting the mining time.

Safety Recommendations

Public charging stations should provide the power supply only. When you connect your iPhone to a laptop or other device for the first time, an alert message asks whether you trust the device. Trusted devices are allowed to sync with your iOS device. If you choose not to trust the device, therefore you block its access to content on your device.

Android also offers multiple options when you first plug your device into a computer, including Charging Only and Transfer Files. You should choose «Charging Only» option for public charging point.


Khushhal Kaushik is a founder and CEO of Lisianthus tech and cybersecurity specialist and an ethical hacker holding a degree in computer science with various computer certificates. He has been working in the IT industry for the last five years, has experience in Cyber Security, hacking, and Cyber Forensics having been involved in a number of Projects such as web security vulnerability, hospital management, insecure cryptography storage, network security and many more.