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New miner will keep the room warm while generating ETH

Comino – the Russian-based startup, produces cryptocurrency miners that use the heat they generate from  Ethereum mining to keep the room warm. The producers of the device offered the journalists on Thenextweb from Amsterdam to test their device during the current winter.

According to the founders, the Comino is one of the first miners, aimed at regular consumers, not just crypto-enthusiasts. After running the crypto-heater for a month, the journalists shared their experience of mining and heating at the same time.

The journalists confirmed, that Comino appeared to be “quite discrete and accommodating” and equipped with proprietary water-cooling system. The electricity consumption of this device  amounts to about 1kW per hour. According to the observers, the miner generates roughly 1 ETH per month and maintains an average hashrate of about 200 MH/s, with an average temperature of approximately 60C (±140F) degree.

The heating function of this device also proved to be reliable, says the author of the review:

“And in case you were wondering about how reliable the Comino was as a heater: it certainly kept the temperature high enough to save some energy on heating bills, but not enough to make you turn on the air conditioner. Which is exactly what you want from a machine that was built to bank on crypto.”