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Poll: 18% of bitcoin owners bought it with credit cards

Cyptomarket is a high-risk investment zone due to the volatility of the digital coins, but not just that: bitcoin rush makes some people do crazy things, as the results of the recent research show.  According to a new LendEDU poll, some Bitcoin investors are borrowing finances in order to get into the game. 

LendEDU questioned 672 active Bitcoin investors and figured out that many of them are buying cryptocurrency in an extremely risky manner: using their credit cards and going into fiat debts.

As the results of the research show, 33.63% of Bitcoin investors used debit cards to purchase crypto, while 18.15% of Bitcoin investors used credit cards. 18,60% crypto owners answered, that they used the ACH bank transfer process for purchase, and 16.22% of Bitcoin investors answered “Other.”

Those who used credit cards for buying bitcoins were asked if they paid off their credit after purchasing crypto and 77.87% answered positively, while 22.13% of them said that they have not pay off credit card balance at the moment.