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Warning: MyEtherWallet could be compromised

Numerous sources in social media report that cybercriminals have hacked the servers of popular cryptocurrency wallet  MyEtherWallet, via changing its DNS.

This information has not been officially confirmed yet and the scale of the problem is not clear by now. Nonetheless, the representatives of Blue team project twittered that MyEtherWallet was hacked, the access to MEW servers is open and the developers of the project don’t provide any comments.

Ethereum Blue devs warn the community, that when a user opens MyEtherWallet web-site, his request is automatically rediected to a scam web-site with a pretty similar design. When users enter their logins and passwords, malicious actors steal the assets from the users’ accounts. Devs recommend waiting until the situation is resolved instead of trying to withdraw or transfer funds.

Recently a message from MyEtherWallet team appeared on Reddit, which says that the team is not aware of any problems.

“I’m Wietze from MyEtherWallet. We are currently not aware of any compromises regarding MyEtherWallet and are investigating the claims by EthereumBlue.

You can (and should!) always run MyEtherWallet offline, locally. Please find our guide on it here”, — the message says.