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Breathing out coins: how to generate crypto from the air

The process of generating cryptocurrencies is becoming more and more energy consuming along with the mining difficulty rise, but some creative minds are already thinking of the possible ways to reduce the costs and energy required for the mission. A British artist and researcher at the Institute of Network Cultures Max Dovey came up with the idea of using human body for mining crypto: he constructed the spirometer which allows generating coins from the air.

A tool usually used for medical purposes measures how much air is inhaled and exhaled by “miner’s” lungs, hashes this data and sends it to a small computer mining Monero. The efficiency of the process depends not only on the number of breaths but also on its intensity. So far the project, started last year, has earned a little under $1. Nonetheless, Dovey points out that the project is not about money: it aims to focus the attention on the amount of energy consumed in the process of mining and show other ways for its developments.

“Turning the act of breathing into an active miner on the blockchain network encourages us to consider more sustainable and psychological methods to maintain blockchains,” Dovey wrote in his artist statement.

A user’s breath doesn’t actually power the computer, but it determines the computer’s hashrate, which affects how much Monero the computer can mine. According to Breath’s website, 1 puff per second equates to the computer performing 1,000 hashing operations per sec.