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TraDove – intelligent blockchain solution for transparent international trade

en.Bitnovosti.com talked with Kent Yan, the CEO of TraDove – a promissing blockchain project, which aims to bring transparency and authenticity to the B2B enterprise sphere. While most of the blockchain startups today are consumer-oriented, TraDove is a business-ready blockchain solution designed to empower and facilitate international trade. TraDove intends to use ethereum-based smart-contracts to build an intelligent platform for connecting business partners via a social network.

TraDove is not a typical ICO for blockchain industry, as it is an example of a well-established company with over 250,000 corporate buyers and sellers from over 100 countries, which at some point decided to launch a token sale to scale its services even more.

BN: Please, tell more about your background?

Kent: I am an MIT graduate with a Masters in Science in Electrical Engineering/Computer Science and an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management. My business preferences scope technology, business and finance. What sets me apart from others is my willingness to take risks and chase the opportunities.

BN: What was the initial idea, standing behind TraDove?

Kent: I used to help American companies like Anheuser-Busch, Anderson Windows and Constellation Brands to find sources for manufacturing in China. In the process, I quickly realized, how many problems B2B sector faces.The idea of TraDove started with the understanding of the frustrating drawbacks of the international trade, which make it difficult and set many challenges.

BN: What problems are you talking about, in the first place?

Kent: In the first place, that is a lack of personal connection which is a major challenge in establishing the business-relations. Second, B2B is not transparent enough, as it is still very hard to define a reliable buyer or supplier. There is no central network where these buyers and suppliers can be rated and verified. And, a lack of trust is a very important issue, especially in international trade. Given the cross-border nature of the industry, it is so easy to get in trouble.

BN: How can your platform help to solve these problems?

Kent: I came up with the idea to create a business-oriented social network to connect corporate buyers, sellers, so they can find each other and establish b2b relation in several clicks. They can easily share knowledge, experience, and opportunities.The mission of the project is to build more trust in international trade.

BN: How does your platform operate?

We use verification mechanism in order to maintain the credibility of the business social network. Users can provide references for each other, products/services and companies so that data can be shared to save due diligence time for others.

We use big data and AI to match buyers and sellers and place targeted ads. We also use blockchain technology and our BBCoin to simplify business cross-border transactions and bring more transparency to the market.

BN: What is your next step?

Kent: The biggest challenge is to scale the user base as fast as possible. We have great corporate traction already, but we have the ambitions of a global platform, so the next phase will be – scaling.

For more details on TraDove and ICO of the company, check the project’s website.