Home News Sberbank employees caught mining cryptocurrency at work

Sberbank employees caught mining cryptocurrency at work

According to the statement made by Herman Gref, the CEO of Sberbank, the security service have revealed several cases of misconduct on the part of its own personnel members who were mining cryptocurrencies at their workplaces.

“We are not involved in cryptocurrency mining, though oftentimes we catch our personnel using our computer equipment for mining activities,” – Gref admitted during his talk with the finalists of “Leaders of Russia” competition in Sochi.

As for Gref himself, he finds mining boring and views it as a “primitive business”.

“I can tell you of a dozen other investment opportunities that would be much more profitable,” – the CEO of Sberbank claimed.

When asked about the purpose underlying the last year’s procurement of graphics cards by Sberbank, he assured those present that it was not for cryptocurrency mining purposes but for AI research programs.

Sberbank has been, nevertheless, showing great interest in cryptocurrency-related issues, as evidenced by its recent announcement of soon-to-come opening of its own blockchain lab.