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The number of cryptocurrency ATM machines around the world increases by 5 daily

According to the information provided by Coinatmradar.com web-portal, the number of cryptocurrency vending machines around the world has been drastically increasing in recent months. This trend concerns both the number of Bitcoin-powered devices and those that are designed to process other cryptocurrencies.

There are 2177 cryptocurrency vending machines installed around the world at the time of this writing. About 43 percent of them can also accept altcoins. On an average day, 5 new bitcoin-powered ATM machines are mounted. The market correction period alone has seen the mounting of 136 new machines worldwide. The number of ATMs tied to Bitcoin more than doubled in 2017, their total number reaching 2028 as of January 1, 2018.

As reported by Altcoin, many Bitcoin ATM vendors now install the client authentication software their machines. Anonymous transactions are available only in a few countries, but even there specifying the mobile number is mostly obligatory.

USA leads in the number of operable Bitcoin ATM machines: currently there are 1296 of them in the country. Canada is ranked second with 340 machines installed across the country, whereas UK is third in the list with 108 ATM units. There are only 47 ATMs (or 2.16 percent of the world’s total number of these machines) in Asia and Japan though, despite their leading positions in international cryptocurrency trade volume.

Another 11 cryptocurrency-powered ATMs are located in Russia: six of them near Novosibirsk, four in Krasnodar and one more in Krasnoyarsk.