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Real Help project sets an example of charity mining to aid ill children

Real help charity project has been created by the FLOGmall ICO developers in order to aid children who suffer from serious illnesses. The related website has started working already.

This is the first cryptocurrency mining platform in Russia, which gives an opportunity to “earn” one of the most expensive resources of modernity and send it to the needy children’s wallets. In order to participate in the project, a user just needs to go to the website and stay there for a while. Technically, the website connects a visitor’s gadget to the global mining network. Every child has a digital wallet that receives currency to his/her account. When the required amount is collected, parents will be able to withdraw it in any convenient way.

The core of the program is that people no longer need to spend their own money for charity. The only thing they actually share is the computing capacity of their digital devices. No additional hardware or software is required. One can track the transactions through the distributed ledger database which cannot be faked; all transfers will be published on the public domain.

Where do the transfers go to? What wallets will be used for cryptocurrency mining?

The website offers two options. Assistance can be rendered either directly to a particular child or, if directed to Real help project’s general wallet, to all of them at once.

When choosing the first option, which is rendering the assistance directly, the user must decide on the addressee and choose his/her «personal account». In this case, the platform itself does not serve as a broker between donator recipient. Mining is carried out automatically and funds are being transferred directly to the kid’s wallet.

“General help” option presupposes that cryptocurrency obtained through mining will be transferred to the project’s general wallet, which will be used for sending money to children’s wallets as soon as the necessary amount is collected.

How can one make sure that the coins mined get to the kids’ wallets?

Transparency of transactions is secured by blockchain technology: all the data is stored simultaneously on all computers involved and it is impossible to fake it. All transfers are published on public domain, so everyone can check it. As a result, everyone can be sure that financial aid reaches the recipients and each coin is being used for intended purposes.

Who can apply for assistance from the project?

Parents, medical guardians or legal representatives, as well as physicians can apply for assistance from the project.

Any family able to provide documents that confirm the illness of a child may apply to the project. In order to do so, parents have to fill in the application form and pass the moderation procedure. After the data verification, the information about the child will appear on the website. One has to provide a set of documents standard and mandatory for application to any charity organization. The list of documents required includes consent to personal data processing.

By cooperating with charity funds, the project team will collect all the necessary data, thus increasing the chances for collecting the required amount in each individual case. Child’s and his/her family’s place of residence is of no importance.

Are there any special hardware or software requirements?

One does not need to install any additional software on his/her computer or phone in order to become a member of the project. Visiting the website and staying online is all that one is asked to do. Only tolerable power capacity of one’s computer or other device can be used for mining.

Is it possible to become a participant to the project through the use of mobile phone, Smartphone or tablet computer?

Yes. Any equipment that has access to the Internet can become an aggregator for the website work.

Does the project provide help in all cases, and if not, who decides on the priorities?

All applications to the project are tested and moderated. If the documents are in order, the expert council of the project makes a decision on posting information about a child on the website. After that being done, everything depends on the benefactors: it is up to them who is going to be the recipient of financial aid.

In addition, parents can promote the cause by themselves, for example, by posting a link to the wallet at their social network accounts or sharing information among their friends and acquaintances. The greater number of people visit the webpage dedicated to some particular child, the sooner he/she will receive the needed amount.

The official medical documents must confirm the necessity for medical treatment. The project does not render the assistance by paying for alternative medicine treatment.

What cryptocurrency will be mined?

The project deals with mining Monero (XMR) coins. It does not require any specialized software or expensive equipment.

What percentage of mined coins is being spent on project maintenance and promotion?

Obtained coins are not being spent on Real help project maintenance and promotion.