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Vegans launch a “Cruelty-free” cryptocurrency of their own

VeganNation blockchain platform promotes itself as the world’s first vegan-friendly community that will mint its own “cruelty-free” cryptocurrency, namely, VeganCoin.

VeganNation is an online marketplace for vegan products and services. It also incorporates the tools for sharing vegan-oriented content including recipes, general advice and joint purchases arrangement. VeganNation users will be able to pay for each other’s services in VeganCoins.

According to the statements made by the founders of this network, VeganCoin transactions will be transparent enough to ensure the community members’ non-involvement in the acts of cruelty related to contemporary meat production.

VeganNation was found by Isaac Thomas who has been a dedicated vegan himself for two years already. He believes that his blockchain platform will make vegan lifestyle more inclusive and sustainable.

“A nation is only strong as its economy and an economy is strong as its currency. I see a great future with the blockchain technology allowing the creation of nations that will be based on shared ideology and beliefs rather than on geographical location. Being able to give our new nation a monetary system will empower the individuals and the community as a whole,” – Thomas stated.