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World Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit 2018 in Moscow

On May 19-20, 2018 the second World Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit 2018 will house discussions on the most relevant issues for crypto world.

Organized by the International Decentralized Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (IDACB), it will bring together over 3000 participants from more than 100 countries. Russian Presidential Adviser on Internet Development German Klimenko, Vice President of Islamic Banking Mohammad Shaheed Khan, International Secretary of IDACB Maxim Chereshnev are expected to be among the speakers at the Summit.

“IDACB was created as decentralized association and by now it has more than thirty countries, and we expect more than one hundred countries-participants in May. The structure of IDACB includes Board of Trustees and Board of Directors. The thing which make us unique is the fact that we have governmental support and strong GR ties. Each country which belongs to IDACB is represented both by an authority’s delegate and a leader of crypto community. The main purpose of IDACB and #WBCSUMMIT, in particular, is to establish a global legal framework for the crypto world and to lobby the interests of cryptocommunity,” – Maxim Chereshnev said.

The Summit will last for two days. The first day’s agenda will be related to the issues of cryptocurrency and blockchain development and influence in the world. Top experts in the field will cover the most topical issues at 12 working sessions, focusing on the crucial areas of blockchain application, such as education, health service, E-governments and smart cities.

The second day of the Summit will be dedicated to presentations and reports by the most popular and influential blockchain platforms, including Ripple, NEM, BlockOne, Waves, NXT, EOS and others.