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Bitfury Group will open its office in Russia

Bitfury Group, a multi-business blockchain company, has announced the opening of its Russian office in Moscow. The main goal of the new structure will be the sale and introduction of Exonum private blockchain platform to Russian companies and state institutions. Apart from this, it will also present a blockchain-based tool for blockchain investigations named Crystal, which may be adopted by financial institutions and law enforcement agencies. The company is planning to launch a number of joint projects in cooperation with its business-partners in Russia.

The former curator for IT and Advisor to the Head of the Department for Transport and Road Infrastructure Development of the Moscow City Government and Biglion project co-founder Dmitry Ufaev became the CEO of the Russian Bitfury Group office. Ufaev launched a number of successful of projects in the Silicon Valley and directed RBK’s web hosting and domain business at one time.

According to Valery Vavilov, the Bitfury Group founder and CEO, blockchain is probably the most important invention since the Internet, and Russia has a great potential for becoming a world’s number-one country in the sphere of blockchain technology implementation. Thus, the decision to establish an office in Russia has reasonable grounds.

Dmitry Ufaev has added, that he is honored to become the CEO of Bitfury Group Russian office. He believes that its establishment will ensure speedy and effective implementation of unique blockchain solutions for safe and effective operations as applicable to the Russian clients’ needs.

It should be noted, that Russia has become the 17-th country housing a Bitfury Group office. Headquartered in Amsterdam, the company has its offices in USA, Great Britain, South Korea, Japan, Ukraine and other countries.

Bitfury Group’s Russian office is busy hiring sales managers, project managers, analysts, programmers and other staff members at the moment.