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Astana to hold second major Central Asia Blockchain Conference

On June 14, 2018, the capital of Kazakhstan will host the Blockchain Conference Astana once again. This international event will be attended by the leading persons in blockchain and crypto-industry from all over the globe. They will discuss the ways of development of the Kazakhstani digital economy.

General background

In 2017, the total capitalization of crypto assets reached stratospheric level. Last year was marked by bitcoin price hitting $20 000, creation of new tokens and innovative projects based on blockchain, DLT and ICO phenomenon permeating the world.

It is not by chance that the 21st century has been recognized as the cryptocurrency era. Many experts believe that the future of the global financial system lies in the sphere of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

As demonstrated by the previous year, the industry itself develops at extremely rapid pace whereas the world’s market is incapable of keeping up with it quite well. Only a few countries dared to establish quality legal frameworks in order to benefit from this new form of economy.

Kazakhstan has been involved in the discussion of issues related to regulation of digital currencies and introduction of blockchain as well. According to experts, the Republic of Kazakhstan has every chance of becoming one of the most advanced countries in the field of blockchain. The country has everything to succeed: financial resources, government initiative and desire to create its own crypto oasis.

Who will participate in Blockchain Conference Astana 2018?

The conference will be visited by bankers, financiers, representatives of state institutions and major oil & gas companies, founders of FinTech companies, as well as by the experts in energy saving.

What is to be discussed?

Nowadays, there is a lot of concern about the interaction of the cryptocurrency industry with banks, the use of blockchain in various fields, and, of course, the introduction of blockchain and cryptocurrency regulation at the state level. The conference will be dedicated to the following main topics:

  • Blockchain technology for the Republic of Kazakhstan: spheres of application and new ways of the country development
  • Cryptocurrency and tokens
  • ICO: What will happen to a multi-billion dollar structure in 2018?
  • Smart contracts: Will they change the established standards?
  • Crypto economy: How will it influence the world in the near future?
  • Regulation and legal framework for the crypto assets in Kazakhstan

Results of Blockchain Conference Astana 2017

Kazakhstan has been demonstrating interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Last year, the conference featured over 20 speakers from Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia, Belgium, UK, Switzerland and other countries. Over 250 participants attended the event in order to discuss the application of blockchain in financial world, energy sector, as well as the role of the technology for e-gov and e-voting. The event was attended by representatives of Microsoft, IBM, Deloitte, KPMG and other famous high-tech companies.

Oncoming Blockchain Conference Astana traditionally promises to be one of the most anticipated FinTech event in Kazakhstan. The detailed program of the event will be soon available on Blockchain Conference Astana website.