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Viber will launch its own cryptocurrency

Rakuten, a huge Japanese company that owns Viber messenger, is now looking into the matter of launching a cryptocurrency of its own, as revealed by the company’s CEO Hiroshi Mikitani.

New cryptocurrency will bear the name of Rakuten Coin. Cryptocurrency’s emission scale and its purpose have already been determined as well.

The issuance of new coins will be unlimited, as decided by the Japanese developers. The cryptocurrency will serve to reinforce customers’ loyalty to company’s products, Viber itself being just one among many others.

Super Points customer loyalty program has been in progress for fifteen years already. By now, the consumers of Rakuten-produced products have accumulated more than a trillion bonus points in total worth as much as $9 100 000 000.

By introducing Rakuten Coin, the company hopes to reduce exchange costs and attract users from abroad. The cryptocurrency is being prepared for launch in cooperation with US-based Bitnet Technologies Ltd. startup. The date of launch has not yet been revealed. Meanwhile, Rakuten shops accept payments in bitcoins for three years already, that is, since March 2015.