Home News Election observers’ association will use blockchain to safeguard elections results

Election observers’ association will use blockchain to safeguard elections results

“National Public Monitoring” (NPM) election observers’ association will use blockchain technology for vote results data verification and protection at the presidential elections in Russia on March 18, as reported by the association’s Federal Coordinator Elena Babchenkova.

“Each observer will use a mobile application that allows to capture all violations, thus we will be able to doublecheck all violation reports. They send all the data collected – photos, videos, follow-up files – to the application, and then all the information is posted at the website,” – Babchenkova told at the press-conference.

100 000 NOM observers will be present at the polling stations in Russia on March 18.

“As a result, a huge data amount will be accumulated and stored in blockchain, which will ensure it is not going to be falsified or amended in any way,” – she explained.

As specified by NPM Coordinator for Information Technologies Vladislav Berezutski, the election observers’ activities will be reinforced by domestic blockchain solutions. The observers will send completed final record forms and photos straight from the polling stations. Berezutski explained, that NOM’s main goal is to draw and present the objective picture of the upcoming elections.

“It is the first time in Russian and world’s history when all the records on such large-scale elections will be available to the public at a blockchain platform,” – NOM Coordinator Roman Kolomoytsev stated.

As noted by Verifier project Director Dmitry Rzhavin, registration on the platform requires one’s passport details, thus eliminating the possibility of any fake accounts.

The idea of using blockchain technology during the elections was earlier advocated by the Member of State Duma Vasily Vlasov in his official letter to the Chair of the Central Election Commission of Russia Ella Pamfilova.