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Bitcoin is considered as a great Women’s Day gift in Russia

More and more Russians start thinking of cryptocurrency as a viable gift option, as revealed by a recent survey conducted by Mail.ru high-tech company. In particular, crypto coins tend to become increasingly welcome as ladies’ gifts for Women’s Day celebrated on March 8 in Russia and in many other countries.

Whereas Russian women traditionally expect special treatment on the occasion, more Russian men admit that they would better surprise them by crypto coins than with rubles.

Thus, 13 percent of respondents to the survey voiced their intention to please their girlfriends or wives with cryptocurrency. Bitcoin proved to be a top popular choice here, winning a 60 percent popularity among those who made their choice in favor of crypto gifts. Ethers rank second with 22 percent, whereas Litecoin and centralized Ripple got 5 percent each, whereas remaining 8% were split between other cryptocurrencies.

A third of the polled said that they would rather stick to tradition and buy flowers instead, however. Gadgets prove to be another popular gift choice with 14 percent of participants in the survey opting for an iPhone as a perfect gift. Only 10 percent of the people surveyed claimed that modern Russian women do not need presents for the Women’s Day at all. The sample size totaled at more than 4 000 people.