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Russian film studio will make the first ICO-sponsored movie ever

Production of REANIMATOR, the world’s first movie that will be created with the help of ICO, was announced by Estonia-based CRISSE hedge fund. The movie itself will serve as testing ground for CRYPTOMOVIE specialized blockchain platform designed to the needs of the world’s film industry.

CRISSE contracted Russian LAM film studio for the movie production, which is in full swing at the moment. The film is to be released in 2018.

REANIMATOR is directed by Ruslan Magomadov with Steven Seagal and Danila Kozlovsky starring. The participance of Ben Cooke, a stuntman known for his performance in “The Lord of the Rings” and “Alexander” movies, is also anticipated.

According to Alan Klaudis, CEO of CRISSE hedge fund, the creation of a box office platform CRYPTOMOVIE will allow for introducing blockchain technologies in into the global cinema industry and eliminate box office revenue fraud while facilitating offline and online movie ticket sales as well.

ICO REANIMATOR team has issued 10 000 000 specialized Reanimator Coin (RNM) tokens based on Ethereum promising 30 percent of the amount grossed will go to investors in a bailout subsequent to the release of the film scheduled for December 2018. RNM tokens are already available at Edge mobile wallet, that is, former Airbitz Wallet.

Project managers scheduled the second RNM token bailout for December 2019. This time, it will be backed by 30 percent of returns from the sale of CRYPTOMOVIE platform to China Film Group. The latter has been showing interest in buying a five years license to use the platform if its test run proves to be a success.

Early in 2019, CRYPTOMOVIE blockchain platform will be applied to licensed video streaming services, such as iTunes, Netflix, Okko, Amazon Prime, Amediateka, Ayyo and ivi.ru, whereas by June 2019 it will be adopted by Play Market service in order to make rightholders’ accounting related to online sales of applications for Windows and Android more transparent, as stated by ICO REANIMATOR’s press office.

2 percent of funds raised by ICO REANIMATOR will be donated to “Center for Street Children” charity foundation and other charity organizations.