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Cryptocurrency Conference – Law and Regulation to be held in Tel-Aviv

Zioni Pillersdorf Phillip Law Firm is organizing a conference in Tel-Aviv, which will deal with the legal and regulatory aspects of Cryptocurrencies. The Cryptocurrency Conference – Law and Regulation event is scheduled for April 26,2018.

Unlike the other conferences on cryptocurrencies and blockchains, this one will deal with the legal challenges among various jurisdictions, which has not been done so far at this scale. The conference is aimed mostly at professionals that deal on a regular basis with the different types of regulations that apply to the Cryptocurrency industry including lawyers, accountants, regulators, CEOs, academics and other industry participants.

The main topics to be addressed at the conference are:

– Current regulation of cryptocurrency – a global overview of current regulation (EU, Switzerland, Japan, etc.) and discussion for suggested regulation.

– Legal challenges and regulation with regard to the “infrastructure of cryptocurrency” (exchanges, wallets, brokers, etc.).

– ICO’s – current regulation and legal challenges.

– Taxation of cryptocurrency (an asset or a currency).

– Cryptocurrency and banks – friends or foes. This section will be aimed at examining the relations between banks and the crypto market and the means of dealing with the legal problems and concerns that arise from those relations.

This event is a great chance to bring together leading figures from around the globe, for a comparative perspective. The speakers at the conference there will be lawyers, bankers and academicians experienced in the field of fintech.

Among the others, Youval Rouach, the CEO and Co-founder of Bits of Gold Ltd., Israel’s largest and oldest cryptocurrency broker, Stephen Rutenberg, a principal at Polsinelli, a large AM Law100 law firm and Douglas W. Arner, the Kerry Holdings Professor in Law at the University of Hong Kong and one of the world’s leading experts on financial regulation, will share their views and ideas about the future of cryptocurrency market.

More detailed information on the event is available at http://cryptotlv.com/ website.