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First Public Bitcoin Monument to Be Unveiled in Slovenia

The inauguration of the first public Bitcoin monument will take place today in Kranj, the fourth largest city of Slovenia, as reported by Slovenian news website Dnevnik. The monument will be placed in the middle of a traffic roundabout connecting Oldhamska and Gregorčičeva streets.

The Bitcoin icon will be the central element of a new monument, with surrounding roads representing the decentralized character of Bitcoin network. The unveiling ceremony is to symbolize the openness of the country to distributed ledger technology and the prospective benefits it can bring.

Slovenia has been positioning itself as a crypto-friendly country for quite a while already in order to attract domestic and foreign companies to invest in the state’s economy. It even tries to acquire the status of “Silicon Valley of Europe”, though this strife is yet to be proved by some actual official moves apart from those of purely symbolic nature.

As stated recently by Dr. Miro Cerar, Prime Minister of Slovenia, “The government is aware of Slovenia’s involvement in the global flows, and with our vision of modernization and digitization promotion in all areas, we are bringing to the fore the introduction of new technologies. We thus recognize blockchain technology as an exceptional opportunity: in this respect, Slovenia is at the forefront and one of the most recognized blockchain destinations in Europe.”