Home News Venezuelan petro cryptocurrency is now purchasable for rubles

Venezuelan petro cryptocurrency is now purchasable for rubles

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro stated today that El Petro, the state-backed cryptocurrency may now be purchased for rubles and several other national currencies, as reported by local media.

From now on, all legal bodies and individuals will be able to buy El Petro for the world’s “most influential” currencies, namely, Russian rubles, Chinese yuans, Turkish liras and euros. These currencies will make “the economic future of the planet Earth”, as claimed by Maduro.

El Petro will be accepted as payment option for goods and services in Venezuela. Real estate transactions will become available on April 20.

Petro attracts the attention of investors from many countries, as claimed by Venezuelan president.

“The companies from Venezuela, Columbia, USA, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Turkey, Germany, Russia, China, Ecuador – 133 countries all in all – are willing to buy Petro,” – Maduro said, proclaiming that “El Petro is the best possible investment in Venezuela and in the world”.

The inclusion of USA into the list of countries willing to buy Petro seems dubios, to say the least, however, given the recent Executive Order issued by U.S. President Donald Trump prohibiting the purchase of Venezuelan government-backed Petro cryptocurrency in the country.