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Switzerland, Kazakhstan and Armenia will join the Russian Association of Blockchain in suing Google and Facebook for banning crypto ads

The president of the Russian Association of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency (RABAC) Yuri Pripachkin has stated that Switzerland, Kazakhstan and Armenia are ready to join forces with RABAC in suing a number of internet giants that banned ICO and cryptocurrency advertisements at the portals they control.

“We are witnessing the revival of censorship! Internet is the realm of liberty. Having been inoculated with censorship, we, Russians, react more sensitively to this. Now, one of the business owners decides that he has the right to impose his own restrictions on the freedom of information having monopolized the resource. Next time we will face discrimination on grounds of race, religion etc.,” – Pripachkin said during the “Advertising in the Internet: Opportunities and Barriers for Russian Business” round table that took place at the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry on April 6, 2018.

As we reported earlier, RABAC has been preparing to file a joint lawsuit against Google, Twitter, Facebook and Yandex in an attempt to make them lift the ban.

According to Pripachkin, the substance of the claim is that by doing so these companies prevent prospective investors from getting access to information:

“These steps are all parts of a cartel agreement aimed at stunting the development of the industry,” – he believes.

The lawsuit is supposed to be filed in New York by May on behalf of a Luxembourg-registered cryptocurrency fund. As noted by Pripachkin, this initiative has already been supported by a number of leading figures in the world’s cryptocommunity.

“The associations of crypto investors and blockchain industry in Switzerland, Kazakhstan and Armenia have joined the lawsuit against the cryptocurrency davertisement ban which in one way or another was imposed by Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn,”- Pripachkin said.

As reported earlier, a bunch of the largest internet companies and services including Google, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, professional networking website LinkedIn and some others announced they will ban all cryptocurrency and ICO-related ads at their platforms.