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Tokenbox comes up with the latest report on its umbrella platform development

After closing its ICO late in November 2017, Tokenbox startup has released a quarterly report on its progress.

The project is aimed at the establishment of an umbrella platform based on the Ethereum blockchain that will offer a ready-made tool for creating crypto funds to both professional traders and newcomers to the cryptocurrency trading industry.

Started by the founders of The Token Fund, one of the first tokenized cryptocurrency funds managed with the help of blockchain technology and smart contracts, Tokenbox will provide investors with the access to crypto market management strategies as well, while providing a multi-level security of these processes.

Apart from those mentioned above, the features of the platform under development promised by the Tokenbox team to the holders of TBX tokens include multi-currency wallets capable of storing both fiat and cryptocurrencies, legal support, user-friendly interface, availability of professional software and consulting, settlements with investors based on smart contracts using TBX tokens, access to internal and external liquidity, built-in analytical tools and some others.

Being recently reinforced by a number of technical and managerial specialists, Tokenbox team reported the commencement of the infrastructure work. The product website is under development, whereas the platform itself is almost completed in its basics. The second quarter of this year is to see the release of its alpha version. By the end of the year Tokenbox will supposedly become operational within the limits of its core functions and features.

Tokenbox has conducted legal review of crypto friendly jurisdictions to set up its subsidiaries. Also, given the increase in pressure from regulators, the company has been searching for potential solutions for broker and asset management activities in the crypto currency field and conducting consultations with leading companies in the world.

On March 28, 2018 it established a company in Gibraltar, Quadrat Enterprises Limited. Quadrat Enterprises Limited plans to apply for DLT license in the 2nd quarter of 2018, and expect to receive this license by the end of 2018.

Meanwhile, Tokenbox token (TBX) was listed on Bancor network and Yobit Exchange.

Pavel Salas, former regional director for eToro social trading network, who have recently joined Tokenbox team as CEO has revealed more details on the status of the project and specified its future perspectives in the interview: