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IDACB comes up with top 10 list of blockchain events 2018

The International Decentralized Association on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain, IDACB created its own top 10 blockchain events announced at 2018 around the globe.

1. The annual Consensus seems to be the largest Summit at the moment. It is held on May 14-16 in New York and, according the preliminary estimates, will host over 4000 visitors and 250+ speakers.

2. 4000 delegates from various countries, over 5000, 100+ speakers are expected to visit Malta Blockchain Summit (in partnership with IDACB) which is held on November 1-2 in Saint Julian’s. IDACB is a co-organizer of the event. The Association also holds a regional ICO Show and carries out a thematical section dedicated to investments.

3. The London exhibition Blockchain Expo Global is on April 18-19. It is supposed to gather over 6000 visitors and 120 speakers.

4. Future Blockchain Summit is on May 2-3 in Dubai. It is going to host 6000 visitors, at least 100 exhibitors and 60 speakers.

5. World Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit (WBC Summit), which is organized by IDACB is held on May 19-20 in Moscow. Over 3000 from 100+ countries will visit the Summit. WBC Summit will also host the World ICO Show where the pitches of the best ICO projects in key business areas are to be arranged. The total loan of investment is more than $2 000 000 000.

6. The annual conference MoneyConf is held on June, 11-13 in Dublin. It is expected to engage more than 5000 participants and 80+ speakers.

7. The Berlin BlockShow will host 3000 visitors and 150 exhibitors, 80 speakers on May 28-29.

8. The exhibition Future Tech Expo, which is held in Dallas on September 14-16,is about to gather 2000+ visitors and more than 59 speakers.

9. There were over 1000 visitor and 100+ speakers on Token 2049 that was held on March 20-21 in Hong Kong.

10. 2nd Global Fintech & Blockchain China Summit 2018 (supported by IDACB). 1000+ visitor, 800+ delegates of various sectors, 150+ representatives of financial companies, 50+ speakers. The Summit is held on April 12 in Shanghai.

IDACB is one of the leading non-profit organization the concept of which is to connect crypto and blockchain community and various countries’ officials to workout a unifying approach for international legislation on cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The influence of the Association is ensured by participation of 60 countries, while it is planned to include 50 more states by the end of the year.

Members of the Association are the first counsellors, recognized experts of the blockchain technology market, national and professional Associations of the participating countries and the professional community representatives. Russia is represented by the Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation on Internet Development German Klimenko.