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The court rules to ban Telegram in Russia: instructions for getting around the blocking

The Tagansky District Court in Moscow has ruled on the high profile case for blocking Telegram messenger that was initiated by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology (Roscomnadzor) in response to Telegram’s refusal to cede the messenger’s encryption keys to the Federal Security Service (FSB). The related court proceedings took only 20 minutes. The judge Smolina ordered to block Telegram messenger in Russia.

The court ordered Roscomnadzor to take measures for restricting access to Telegram pending the fulfillment of the company’s obligations for provision of the data needed for information decryption. Roscomnadzor was also ordered to cease maintaining technical conditions for message exchange within the messenger service.

The co-founder of Telegram Pavel Durov has earlier prohibited his lawyers from participating in the trial against Roscomnadzor, as reported by Pavel Chikov, the head of Agora human rights organization that has been representing Telegram in Russian courts. Such a decision, Chikov noted, was brought about by Durov’s unwillingness to “legitimize this obvious farce by involvement in it”.

“We are unwilling to legitimize this farce by our involvement. We have enquired our trustee on the necessity of our participation in the tomorrow’s trial given the circumstances. He said that it is not worth it,” – the representatives of the messenger said.

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