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Roger Ver still holds a portion of his funds in bitcoins

Despite all his skepticism about traditional Bitcoin, Roger Ver, once one of the earliest proponents of Bitcoin and now a dedicated supporter of Bitcoin Cash, still holds some of his funds in bitcoins, as he revealed in an interview at the Bloomberg Invest Asia conference in Hong Kong.

“Like any smart investor I don’t put all of my eggs in one basket. I still do own some Bitcoin core but the vast majority [of them] I’ve converted in Bitcoin Cash,” – Roger Ver said.

Having been dubbed “Bitcoin Jesus” by crypto traders, Ver is still a strong believer in Bitcoin Cash despite its price falling alongside with those of other cryptocurrencies during last months.

“I’m now more optimistic about Bitcoin Cash than I was ever about Bitcoin prior to hard fork. Bitcoin Cash. They are starting to accept Bitcoin Cash all around the world. More and more companies decide in favor of this currency as it is easier to use,” – he stressed.

Let us recall that the standoff between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash began in August 2017. It was triggered by Bitcoin being hard forked due to its scalability problem. Bitcoin Cash was to accelerate transaction speed through reduced mining complexity and the implementation of larger blocks.