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Bitcoinist implanted bitcoin storage chips under his skin

Martijn Wismeijer, a Bitcoin enthusiast and a marketing manager at the bitcoin ATM manufacturer General Bytes, placed bitcoin storage microdevices under his skin. He uses them for everyday purchases since 2014.

He did so due to a high risk of losing his cryptocurrency savings to hacking and transaction errors.

“I can safely say most of the bitcoin, more than 80 percent, I have lost due to hacks, thefts, exchanges gone bad and other problems. If I would’ve had the chip in 2010, I’d probably be a rich man by now,” – he told in an interview to CNBC.

Back in 2014, he paid a body piercing artist about $75 to inject an xNT near-field communication (NFC) microchip on both hands in the fleshy part of his skin between the thumb and index finger. According to Wismeijer, the injection process took seconds and was even less painful than having an IV drip put in.

The chips are comparable in size with grains of rice and compatible with ATM machines, gadgets containing an NFC antenna, like smartphones, and certain retail point of sale systems. Litecoin, dash and other cryptocurrencies may be stored at them as well. The chips also allow their user to wirelessly log in to computers and unlock car doors.

According to Wismeijer, he regards his implants as much more preferable option compared to traditional cryptocurrency wallet because they enable him to pay for his purchases by just waving his hand over a compatible NFC scanner and are very resistant to hacking.

Wismeijer has already been followed by at least 50 his employees, who decided to set up similar chips under ther skin too.