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DEEX decentralized ecosystem comes up with a progress report

At the end of February 2018, the large-scale ICO of DEEX decentralized ecosystem has been complete. The project collected more than 11000 ETH of investments. On March 2018, the registration of accounts was opened.

The cryptocurrency world is very diverse and covers a wide range of issues. The initiatives in the field range from global and large-scale ones to those of the individual crypto enthusiasts. Such a state of affairs is not surprising at all since cryptocurrencies and blockchain are penetrating into an increasing number of spheres.

There is some specificity to any type of business. Cryptocurrency business is not an exception. Long past are the times of self-taught individuals. Specialization has reached such depth and complexity now that only a professional who is regularly engaged in business can hope to establish a reliable and efficient service. It is no longer enough to be just an intelligent person with some ideas. One needs to supplement it with in-depth knowledge in the field. Only true professionals can effectively understand the intricacies and subtleties of the moves of cryptocurrency market and use them to their profit.

Alongside with other cryptocurrency exchanges such as Bithares, RuDEX and others, DEEX platform is built upon Bitshares 2.0 (Graphene) blockchain. However, the important difference lies in the implementation of the superior functionality of this blockchain with DEEX in comparison to the mentioned examples.

Two-factor authentication

This function guarantees the DEEX participant the maximum possible level of security and convenience of access to accounts and cryptocurrency wallets. A special code message will be sent to users’ mobile devices via SMS or the DEEX integrated messenger preventing possible attackers from logging in on their behalf and stealing funds from their wallets. The intruders will not be able to do so even if they have somehow manage to get their hands on the users’ passwords. Two-factor authentication allows for the usage of more convenient and easy-to-remember passwords than long sets of meaningless characters.

Secure decentralized p2p messenger

A secure p2p messenger implemented to the blockchain platform and integrated into the DEEX system allows for safe information exchange (including textual, audio, and video communication). It enables the users to directly manage their accounts thanks to a built-in multicurrency crypto wallet.

Decentralized blockchain crypto fund

The DEEX ecosystem allows for creating a special blockchain crypto fund to be managed by DEEX professional traders, as well as for the issuance of corresponding tokens and their automatic listing at all DEX-exchanges and other leading centralized cryptocurrencies exchanges.

Since this fund will be based on blockchain, all investors will always be aware of the current transactions, while assessing their effectiveness and seeing whether there is some real profit from their investments.

Account recovery

Bitshares 2.0 (Graphene) blockchain network allows to create a special service for restoring user accounts while observing all necessary security measures. A similar practical solution has already been implemented by a number of services such as Steemit and Golos.

High liquidity and a large number of trading pairs

The already announced interest of a group of investors and large cryptocurrency traders allows to forecast liquidity in DEEX ecosystem at the level of tens of millions of dollars while ensuring constant trading activity. DEEX will provide its customers with 24/7 multilingual support services, thus solving the problem of the lack of operational feedback typical of other DEX-exchanges.

Personal hardware crypto-wallets for cold storage of cryptocurrency and tokens

Hardware crypto wallets allow customers to forget about security problems since such wallets cannot be hacked. The DEEX team has extensive experience with hardware crypto-wallets, which gives customers an additional level of protection.

Desktop and mobile application (Android, IOs)

At the present moment, all DEX-exchanges work exclusively through third-party browser applications that are not initially optimized for the purposes of exchange trading. Such solutions carry many risks associated with possible exchange websites shutdown, technical bugs, slow operating speed, and security failures.

A special desktop and mobile DEEX application avoids the aforementioned risks and allows for significantly faster functional programs updating in accordance with the user’s needs and requests.

Trading bot

A functional and convenient trading bot will be implemented for the first time in DEEX. This option develops accordingly to the comments coming from both the forums and the experts in the field.

This functionality will be fully implemented in further transferring DEEX ecosystem to its own blockchain based on Graphene.

By now, the development of DEEX is in progress. More detailed information can be found at www.deex.exchange website and related social media accounts.