Home Calender of Events Block O20 Blockchain Summit starts in Hong Kong on May 7

Block O20 Blockchain Summit starts in Hong Kong on May 7

On May 8-9, Hong Kong will host one of the world’s biggest blockchain community events – Block O20 Blockchain Summit – that gathers the blockchain system of the world. Bitnovosti contributes as the event’s media partner.

1 500 of the world’s blockpreneurs, financiers, engineers, tokenomists, regulators and visionaries will take part in the summit, more than 100 speakers from 30 countries being listed as the speakers at the event.

The list of speakers at Block O20 includes Ismail Malik, the Editor-in-Chief of ICO Crowd magazine and the Founder and CEO of Blockchain Lab, Samson Lee, the co-founder of Blockchain Centre of Hong Kong, and the Founder and CEO of Coin Street, Oleg Ivanov, the co-founder and CEO of CryptoBazar Fund (an international crypto fund that invests in prospective blockchain projects in the areas of digital payments, infrastructure development, and technological innovations), Mushtaq Kapasi, the ICMA’s Chief Representative for the Asia-Pacific region, Nick Spanos, one of the earliest adopters of bitcoin and blockchain, founder of the Bitcoin Center NYC, and CEO of Blockchain Technologies Corp. and Zap.org and many others.

More detailed information on the event and the tickets are available at http://www.blocko2o.com/ website.