Home News The number of Bitcoin ATMs almost reached 3000 worldwide

The number of Bitcoin ATMs almost reached 3000 worldwide

Bitcoin Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) keep on spreading across the world, their total number already being close to 3 000.

A recent research conducted with the help of Bitmap application revealed that, at the moment, there are 1-2 Bitcoin ATMs per country on average. Of course, this is not the case in all countries, as more than half of ATMs (1746) fall to the share of the United States.

As the authors of the calculations note, this did not come as a surprise to them, given how well the cryptocurrency market is developed in the United States. Such a state of affairs, the researchers believe, is likely to persist in the near future.

If we compare USA against other countries by this indicator, it suffices to note that there are more ATMs in New York and Chicago alone than in Austria, Great Britain and the Czech Republic taken together.

Bitcoin ATMs are rising in popularity because they are an easy and instant way of making deposits or withdrawals. Back in February, there were 2177 cryptocurrency vending machines installed around the world. However, what is even more surprising about the growth of Bitcoin ATMs is the fact that they are growing despite high fees. As of now, Bitcoin ATMs (on an average) charge about 8- 9 percent fees for buying bitcoins and 7 percent for selling bitcoins.