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MageWorx partners with Waves platform in the sphere of e-commerce

MageWorx, an established Magento and Shopify developer, announced a strategic partnership with Waves, the global public blockchain platform. The free Waves Crypto Payments extension for Magento 2 stores will open quality-new perspectives for merchants and customers.

The Waves Crypto Payments is a free integration that connects Magento 2 stores with the Waves public blockchain platform, thus enabling both shoppers and merchants to pay for/receive payments in cryptocurrency faster and with payment processing fees close to zero.

“E-commerce is rapidly developing, and that’s why it needs new technological allies to further evolve. For us, it is obvious that the blockchain technology is the key component for a state-of-the-art e-commerce ecosystem. We’re excited to be at the forefront of the blockchain and e-commerce inevitable merger”, — says Waves CEO Alexander Ivanov.

“This partnership brings in a new era in eCommerce, and a good first step towards introducing blockchain technologies in Magento. The free integration will open up new horizons for merchants. Reduced processing fees, payment transactions that take a couple of seconds, higher security and transparency are just some of the advantages of this technology application”, — adds Vitali Dudin, MageWorx CEO.

Waves is a decentralised platform with powerful real-world tools and functionality hosted on the blockchain. The multilevel ecosystem of the the Waves Platform lets anyone launch their own cryptographically-secured blockchain tokens, as well as private networks. Among the most notable token sales on the platform are MobileGo, ZrCoin, EncryptoTel, PrimalBase and Starta Accelerator.

MageWorx was founded in 2008. The company’s products are designed to enhance the default eCommerce platforms functionality, improve customers shopping experience and gear a Magento and Shopify business for success.