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Zkylos startup heads for creating a blockchain-based pet data processing platform

It’s been a long time coming, but soon subjects of the ‘pet world’ will, at last, be united in harmonious coexistence thanks to advanced technology and the efforts of a fine team of enthusiasts. Pet-owners (and the entire community) will be brought up-to-date with today’s modern automated culture – using NEM blockchain – to rid unnecessary complexities.

Zkylos, a startup company that have been developing global animal databases and data processing system for pets powered by AI since July 2017, have scheduled the launch of its ICO for September 2018.

The project intends to unite the participants of the global pet industry into one ecosystem. The company founders, Elias Konstantinides and Victor Grinchenko, believe that blockchain will provide for much faster and cheaper data processing within the unified network of pet owners, pet breeders and wide range of related organizations.

“We unite all of the fractured and segmentary data, set different access levels for each participant and start processing every change in the database instantly using blockchain technology,” – the explanation posted at the company’s website reads.

Zkylos has lifted a significant proportion of the world’s population who remain in a struggle of paperwork and repetitive, tedious processes. This outdated organization lacks in appropriate communication between relevant bodies and in turn, causes difficulties that, in this day and age, could be avoided.

An affirmation of a safe and secure place for animal-related data is in the making. Before, to own, show or mate a pet proved to be painstakingly achievable with dissatisfying resolutions that cost not only money but time and energy that could be better spent.

The project’s aim is to refresh the single mind and deter individuals from filing one paper at a time by post and skyrocket data into one ecosystem that empowers all within. Animal lovers and the likes will see major benefits from the offset and wonder why a platform like this has not come about earlier.

As current circumstances stand, to register a puppy (for example) it is down to the owner to physically fill out the papers and then press on with a number of actions. Meanwhile, offices that do not share a common knowledge inflict expensive fees and a need for aggravating repetition.

What’s more is that there is always the possibility of experiencing the irritations and setbacks of making an innocent mistake – that could potentially put you right back where you started.

Because organizations that are 100% compatible but remain without links even within one international infrastructure (like FCI), frustrations push for a new direction. Zkylos formed a motive to gel the community for the greater good of the public.

“The fact that we have reached a point that surpasses even the most incredible ideologies of social interaction means we should be questioning those who still get away with profiting at a ridiculous rate at the expense of innocent citizens whose only interests are to comply to mandatory legalities,” – the company’s press release reads.

Zkylos aims at implementing a system that works and evolves accordingly with its users and to provide a service which is as transparent as is functional. With a walk-through already in place and leaving onlookers at the edge of their seats for the next, it is astounding to watch the development from all angles. Talking to the creators and the rest of the team inflicts a sense of relief – after all, it is 2018.

“There is no doubt whatsoever that Zkylos will impact a global societal transformation. Finally, paperwork meets technology for this untouched area of the market. We expect a large number and variety of businesses will significantly advantage in no time at all. The Zkylos platform will be easy-to-use, trustworthy and something which many people have been waiting for,” – the project team concludes.