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Developers of Ethereum Classic reported on successful network upgrade

The successful Ethereum Classic network upgrade took place at block 5 900 000, as available network data and sources suggest.

The lack of available tool makes it difficult to estimate the exact number of nodes that underwent software updates. However, according to the information provided by developers involved in the project, most exchange nodes and mining polls reported updating their software before the fork.

No ill effects, errors or bugs were revealed immediately after the fork. The upgrade is meant to remove the so-called “difficulty bomb”, thus reducing the time required for creating new blocks.

While the Ethereum community remains committed to transitioning to a proof-of-stake consensus system, the Ethereum Classic community has chosen to continue using proof-of-work. Whereas the former system places a premium on the sizes of user’s shares in total amount of issued tokens, the latter one calculates the probabilities of allocating new blocks to miners depending on the computational power of their hardware.

Deliberation on the fork started as early as 2016, and due to the extensive discussions, the upgrade was not expected to be controversial or complicated.