Home News DeHedge and Bubbletone launch a system of risk-secure crypto trading

DeHedge and Bubbletone launch a system of risk-secure crypto trading

Bubbletone decentralized telecom ecosystem and DeHedge have signed an agreement to hedge Bubbletone UMT tokens via the DeHedge risk-hedging platform with 100% protection against token price drops. Сontract value is the $1 000 000 equivalent in UMT tokens. This initiative may bring down barriers preventing large players of traditional money markets from investing in cryptos.

Mikhail Chernov, founder and CEO of DeHedge, was quite optimistic about the upcoming Bubbletone ICO and noted that, because of the social and economic value of the project, Bubbletone became the first project with 100% coverage against token price drops.

‘We believe this contract has become a huge step towards our future relationship with investors and partners, and it is a great honour for our Bubbletone team that the project has been commended so highly by the committee of international experts from DeHedge,” – commented CEO and founder of Bubbletone Yury Morozov.

Bubbletone investors can buy hedged UMT tokens on the DeHedge platform or at https://bubbletone.io by using a designated button in their personal accounts.

The whole system works as follows: first, a user acquires 40 000 UMT Tokens at a price of 0.00025 ETH per token (sum total equaling to 10 ETH). Two months later, the UMT tokens are listed on the exchange and traded at a price of 0.00015 ETH. While losing 4 ETH in such a way, a user then applies for loss compensation on DeHedge website and the company pays him back 4 ETH. Payments are guaranteed by a smart contract through reservation of funds in the ETH wallet.