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CoinsBank announced Blockchain Cruise Mediterranean

CoinsBank cryptocurrency wallet provider organizes its third four-day sea cruise. Blockchain Cruise Mediterranean will take place on September 7-11 on route Barcelona – Monaco – Ibiza – Barcelona. This Mediterranean cruise will bring together hundreds of experts, thinkers and enthusiasts in the field of blockchain from all over the world.

The event will be a great opportunity to spend a little quality time and to have some rest, while getting informed about the latest trends in blockchain investment. The Blockchain Cruise aims at contributing to the growth of the blockchain community and forging its inner links and interaction.

This time, the passengers will enjoy cruising on a huge and comfortable vessel capable of carrying 2 500 people and housing whatever one can dream of, including spacious cabins and decks, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, delicious food, various amusements and entertainment.

The event will be attended by more than a hundred of speakers, who are well-versed in the cryptographic agenda. Among them, there will be influential politicians, well-known lawyers, proffessional traders, experts in blockchain, as well as venture investors, bloggers and members of the media.

The list of speakers includes:

• John McAfee (successful crypto trader and former cybersecurity magnate)
• Roger Ver (CEO of Bitcoin Cash)
• Bobby Lee (co-founder of BTCC and board member of Bitcoin Foundation)
• Travis Wright (co-founder, CCP digital)
• Tone Vays (blockchain consultant and researcher)
• Taavi Rõivas (member of Estonian Parliament, ex-Prime Minister of Estonia)
• Susan Poole (founder, Blockbridge Advisory)
• Jack Tatar (co-author, «Cryptoassets: The Innovative Investor’s Guide to Bitcoin and Beyond»)
• Naeem Aslam (observer, Forbes)
• Giacomo Zucco (CEO, BHB Network)

The audience will have an opportunity to learn about the process of emergence of crypto assets and how they influence the industry in general. Experts will share their predictions concerning the future of the blockchain, while presenting detailed analysis of cryptocurrency trading methods and tools. Combined with this expertise and pieces of advice, the participants’ own experience will help them to see the general picture of the crypto world and get involved in informative and vibrant discussions.