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Pink Taxi plans to enter Middle Eastern countries together with growing women’s emancipation

Pink Taxi, the world’s first blockchain-powered taxi for women, will launch its ICO on July 1, 2018 against the background of growing women’s emancipation movement in Middle Eastern countries. This taxi service is solely operated by women and has already been operated in 18 countries around the world.

The company makes use of the technology of blockchain and plans to offer solutions to the issues that women face in the modern transportation sector, as the cases of eve-teasing, molestation and other kinds of issues that women generally face during their day to day itinerary are not too uncommon. Lack of standard practices, training issues, and performance measures are some of the areas that this blockchain taxi is attempting to solve.

It will have a smartphone application that users would be able to use in order to find licensed drivers and the top performers among them. The app will be also used by drivers as well in order to optimize their performance and customer appreciation.

Pink Taxi ICO will be followed by PTT tokens unlocking. The latter will be usable as a means of payment for all transaction within the platform.

The blockchain platform testing will take place in Q4 2018. It will be also supplemented by the introduction of specialized wallets, a system of drivers’ subscriptions via tokens and token exchange program.

Starting from Europe, Pink Taxi also plans to expand to Asia, Middle East, Africa and South America.

Meanwhile, even the world’s most traditionalist societies are eventually moving towards recognizing basic ideas of women’s emancipation. Thus, on June 24, Saudi Arabian king Salman dismantled the bar which had been preventing women from driving since 1957.

This was the last jurisdiction in the world maintaining this ban. Its removal became possible due to long-standing efforts of the local women’s rights activists.