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World’s sixth richest BTC wallet was activated on July 1

According to the data provided by Bitinfocharts, July 1, 2018 saw the activation of the sixth richest Bitcoin (BTC) wallet in the world. As of now, the wallet stores 85,947.127 BTC worth about $568 000 000.

The said account received this amount from 4 other Bitcoin wallets. The latest transaction was complete on July 3, 2018 at 4:50:53 UTC.

• The first transaction made to the address was 85,947.127 BTC worth $568 million [approx.]
• The second transaction was 0.000008 BTC worth 5.3 cents [approx.]
• The third transaction was 0.000005 BTC worth 33 cents [approx.]
• The fourth transaction was 0.00000547 BTC worth 3.6 cents [approx.]

The huge amount of BTC was received during the latest outgoing transaction from another wallet that contained 93 947 BTC before the transfer. This was the biggest transfer ever made by this address. A total of 152 transactions were made by the address and the activity shows that the number of deposits is more than the number of withdrawals.

The transfer of the BTC did not have any impact on the market. The possibilities according to many in the community are:

• An individual transferred the Bitcoin from one account to another.
• The BTCs were purchased from an OTC exchange.

As reported back in February, the unknown owner of the world’s third richest Bitcoin wallet dip-bought $344 000 000 worth of bitcoins, when bitcoin price just started climbing after its drastic collapse early this year.