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LATOKEN expects 1000 attendees at upcoming forum in Vietnam

On September 24-26, Vietnamese capital of Ho Chi Minh will host the BlockchainHub — LATOKEN Forum: a two-day event jointly organized by BlockchainHub, the largest founders and CEOs community in Vietnam, and the experienced LATOKEN team behind the Blockchain Economic Forum.

The main goal of this event is to build the largest blockchain community in Vietnam — the third most important crypto market in Asia — and share the most valuable insights about blockchain technology, the cryptocurrency market, venture capitals and security tokenization.

Networking is a top priority: from morning speed networking rounds to exclusive events for VIP-attendees.
The event will revolve around high-profile speakers — leaders and blockchain influencers who can offer the audience (1000+) unique ideas on the subject.

Here below is the list of the some topics to be discussed at the forum:

– How Blockchain will transform the Global economy?
– Trends of Cryptocurrency regulation
– Centralized exchanges vs Decentralized exchanges

The full agenda is available on the company’s official website.

Vietnam is one of the fastest growing economies in the world (GDP growth in 2017: 6.812%). But it’s booming economy is not all. This nation is also among the Top 10 countries for producing engineering talent.

“Vietnam has the highest-performing computer science students I’ve ever encountered… the exercises I watched them solve would be considered challenging problems for a Google hiring interview,” said Neil Fraser, an engineer at Google, after visiting several schools in the country.

Vietnamese math-heavy educational structure, technical talent, affordable living costs, and modern infrastructure is turning the nation into key destination for many startups. As a result, Vietnam is turning into a key Blockchain innovation hub in the SE Asia region.

LATOKEN events have gathered renowned personalities from the public and private sector: president of Mexico, finance ministers of Poland and Canada, former CFTC Chairman, EU Parliament members, multibillion VCs, world-known blockchain influencers, and 3000+ business founders.