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Papa Johns’s plans to implement crypto payments in Russia, CIS and Poland

Christopher Wynne, Papa John’s President for Russia, CIS and Poland, revealed the company’s plans for introducing cryptocurrency payments in the region.

Wynne specified on his company’s current innovative projects aimed at streamlining and automating the workflow in an interview with TASS.

“For two years now, we’ve been implementing the artificial intelligence system which evaluates the quality of our pizza. We keep on developing it further on. This is our proprietary design with our US colleagues,” – he explained.

Apart from AI innovations, Wynne mentioned the intention to implement the system, which will allow to pay for company’s products in crypto.

“Cryptocurrency has every chance of being directly applied in our business. I think, in the future, you’ll be able to buy our pizzas with bitcoin. We have the solutions ready, but for now we are just waiting for the right moment to start it all,” – he specified.

Fast food industry has been actively involved in the blockchain revolution. Late in June, the popular fast food restaurant chain, McDonald’s, announced the launch of its own coin, namely, MacCoin. The company described it as the “first fully food-backed global currency”.

Last summer, Burger King Russia – another major restaurant chain – issued its own cryptocoins based on the Waves blockchain platform. Dubbed “whoppercoin”, it was supposed to refer to the restaurant chain’s bestselling “whopper” burgers.

Burger King managed to issue 1 billion whoppercoins in total. The coins were being awarded for each whopper bought at 1:1 ratio. However, a month later, the company’s representatives were called by the Moscow Prosecutor’s Office to give evidence in connection with the issuance of cryptocurrency.

The prosecutors then made it clear to the company’s staff members that the operations with “other currencies” are illegal in Russia and required a written statement of their non-involvement in the mass issuance of “whoppercoins”.