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“State vs Bitcoin: Recognize Me if You Can” documentary will soon be released on YouTube

“Govorit i Pokazyvayet” (“On Air”) film studio presents “State vs Bitcoin: Recognize Me if You Can” – a new documentary about the attitudes towards Bitcoin and digital economy in different countries around the world. The full-length film will come out on our YouTube channel in early September.

The filming took place in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Russia between January and April 2018.


The documentary raises questions about the impact of the new digital format on real economy and its pros and cons in the context of state administration.

It is worth noting that this documentary is not a repetition or more in-depth look into the subjects risen countless times. “State vs Bitcoin” is an attempt to look further ahead and consider the options for state regulation of cryptocurrencies and crypto economy by means of comparative analysis.

The film was produced with the active participation of BitNovosti team, EXMO company, HasCoins, BeEasy, Hotmaine, Razoom, Bitschool and many other brightest representatives of the bitcoin industry.