Home News Deloitte is developing a blockchain system for monetizing personal data

Deloitte is developing a blockchain system for monetizing personal data

Professional audit and consulting firm Deloitte joined forces with Jupiter Chain startup to create and develop a new blockchain data exchange system in Southeast Asia. This new initiative will allow users to profit from their own personal data.

The two companies partnered with a purpose of developing a product that would be usable both by large organizations and individuals. Whereas Jupiter Chain will focus on the blockchain technology and the working product, Deloitte will be responsible for risk management and other operational tasks.

Jupiter Chain has already had experience with developing the distributed ledger systems for personal data exchange, storage and monetization. Jupiter blockchain allows users to get rewarded for sharing their personal data.

“We look forward to work with a globally renowned and respected brand such as Deloitte to elevate our platform solution. I strongly believe that this strategic relationship will fuel the development of not only Jupiter Chain but the adoption of blockchain technology on a wider scale,” – the CEO of Jupiter Chain has stated.

According to Deloitte representatives, the aim of the partnership is to totally transform the user experience of personal data handling.

Deloitte has been actively exploring the blockchain technology since 2017. The company has already developed a blockchain-based platform for insurance companies.