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HodlHodl launches p2p bitcoin futures trading

HodlHodl cryptocurrency exchange launches bitcoin futures, as reported by CEO of the p2p exchange.

While speaking at the Baltic Honeybadger 2018 in Riga, Max Keidun, CEO HodlHodl, stated that its OTC (Over-The-Counter) trading desk will soon start supporting bitcoin futures:

“We are launching bitcoin futures. We are currently working on this and the release will come out soon. This will allow people to make bitcoin bets on other things. In other words, this will be a prediction market. Futures contract will be nominated in bitcoins, and this is peer-to-peer.”

Last month, Latvia-based p2p exchange HodlHodl announced the launch of a full-blown OTC trading service for large institutional investors in crypto. In his latest speech at Baltic Honeybadger, Max Keidun announced the oncoming support of large-scale cryptocurrency deals as well:

“We are providing an OTC trading platform for larger transactions… We implement a non-custodial approach, which we’ve been developing since the founding of our exchange.”

Max Keidun also revealed, that he will support The B foundation established by Alena Vranova and Giacomo Zucco.

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According to a recent research, Russia topped the list of the world’s leaders in over the counter (OTC) cryptocurrency trading volume despite the lack of cryptocurrency regulation.