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Baltic Honeybadger 2018 conference results and follow-up

On September 22-23, Riga was hosting the largest bitcoin conference Baltic Honeybadger 2018. Organized by SDVentures international investment holding, Hodl Hodl cryptocurrency exchange and OraculeTang Space co-working, the conference brought together 600 bitcoin enthusiasts from all over the world, that is, twice as many as in 2017.

The speakers discussed the most important issues and matters related to bitcoin industry, including trust, scalability, security, current market conditions, institutional investments and crypto in real estate market.

Such prominent experts in crypto as Adam Back (CEO Blockcstream), Elizabeth Stark (CEO Lightning Labs), Giacomo Zucco (Director at BHB Network), Peter Todd (a well-renown bitcoin developer), Francis Pouliot (CEO Satoshi Portal and the chief researcher at Catallaxy) spoke to the audience in the course of the event.

“We are extremely satisfied with the results. Geography of the conference participants has broadened, and today we have gathered the representatives of almost every country in the world. The list of topics discussed became even more comprehensive: the audience listens to the speakers with much interest and actively participates in discussions,” – Natalia Krylova, the head of real estate department at SDVentures, commented.

In turn, chief researcher at Catallaxy and CEO Satoshi Portal Francis Pouliot added:

“This is one of the best bitcoin conferences I ever attended. I’ve been to many, but, to be honest, I’m less eager to visit most of them now, as, for the most part, they tend to be overrun by an awful number of crypto frauds nowadays. This is really important, as we’ve got the best of the best here. We see the real work done, partnerships being strengthened and forged at such a high-level conferences. The organizers did a great job, and next year I will definitely visit Baltic Honeybadger again”.

As for Giacomo Zucco, BHB Network founder and CEO, he said that bitcoin enthusiasts had long been anticipating such a high-level event. The organizers managed to gather a “critical mass”, so that there was no need for inviting all the rest: they were happy to join in the ranks of speakers by themselves. Bitcoin veterans appreciated the ideological focus of the event too: the philosophy of Bitcoin and all related issues were presented in the best way possible.

It is also worth noting, that the previous conference in Riga had the similar spirit, while bringing together bitcoin experts and enthusiasts from US, Australia, Russia, Canada, UK, Germany, Finland, Belgium, Slovakia, Italy, Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Latvia and many other countries.