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New DEEX exchange platform beta is ready for release

On October 1, the decentralized DEEX ecosystem will release a new beta-version of the main exchange platform.

Since the start of this project on May 25, it has become one of the most anticipated developments on the market. The number of its users already exceeds 15000. What is more important for the market, project’s token has become one of the most stable cryptocurrency, showing the growth of 150% in the course of last four months.

The new beta-version includes many options that will bring DEEX to the new level and show the real potential of decentralized exchanges.

Two-factor authentification

One may say that this option is not something new and it has already been implemented by many exchanges. However, such a form of entering decentralized exchanges can really increase the level of security and funds saving.

The ability to buy tokens using bank cards

Using bank cards for buying tokens, accessing the exchange and trading can become the “all-I-need” option for those who are new to the world of crypto.


Nodes are the most important functional elements of every blockchain systems, and DEEX brings it to a whole new level. You are no longer to think about hardware and how to maintain constant access to the network. DEEX cloud nodes provide an opportunity to earn cryptocurrency in the simplest way possible. You can own DEEX cloud node individually or jointly with other users.

Referral program

If you are still a beginner in crypto and think about the additional income from your social accounts, DEEX referral program is what you need. Grow with DEEX and earn crypto from each transaction made by your users. Promote DEEX, educate your community and enjoy passive income from a network of contacts that expands automatically.

ICO platform

All those who have tried to launch an ICO, know how complicated and time-, effort- and money-consuming this process is. DEEX platform allows for launching ICOs, while simplifying this process, providing personal cabinet for fundraising, marketing and community assistance.

Every crypto trader knows that the more convenient and simple the trading platform is, the more effective and profitable it will be. So, for those who already are familiar with decentralized exchanges, it will be interesting to know that DEEX beta-version brings the mobile application with communication abilities.

Another good news for all traders is the new convenient GUI.