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The author of the first 3D-printed firearm will participate at Prague’s upcoming Hackers Congress Paralelni Polis 2018

Between October 5th and 7th, 2018, Prague will become the world’s center for the tech, hacker and crypto communities. Paralelní Polis is organizing this hackers congress for the fifth consecutive year.

This time around, it will be attended by Cody Wilson. This closely-watched American cryptoanarchist is among other things, responsible for a controversial primacy. As the first person in history, he is credited with creating a functional 3D-printed firearm.

This year’s HCPP18 is titled NEW ORDER and follows up on last year’s theme of financial and economic freedom. The congress last year was sold out one month prior to the event and the last ticket was sold for 1 BTC or approximately 100 000 CZK.

Several hundred cryptoanarchists, hackers and programmers will meet again at Prague’s Paralelní Polis during the first weekend of October. Guests and presenters share an interest in cryptocurrencies, a decentralized economy as well as new technologies.

There is no doubt that Cody Wilson is this year’s headliner. The first 3D-printed firearm which he named Liberator was printed out by Wilson in 2013. The plans required to produce it were then published as part Defense Distributed which is a non-profit organization with the goal to create and freely distribute plans used to create 3D-printed weapons. The document to print the Liberator was downloaded by 200,000 users within just 2 days. Wilson was then asked by the US government to pull it down.

Cody Wilson, much like Amir Taaki, are considered some of the most dangerous people on the Internet. However, there is no need to be afraid of his presence at the congress.

“He is a person who is constantly watched by the security services, but visitors can rest assured that their personal safety will be ensured” adds Pavol Lupták, organizer of HCPP18.

In addition to the concept of printed firearms, Cody Wilson also worked on the DarkWallet Bitcoin wallet which allows for the complete anonymity of Bitcoin payments. Such transactions are then virtually impossible to trace.

The main goal of this year’s congress is to engage in open discussion and to map out the worsening global social climate in terms of financial and digital freedoms. Alongside this, it also aims to introduce select tools which can help improve the overall situation.

“The HCPP conference reflects not only the disillusionment with the collectivist nature of society and politics as a passing centralized solution to change society, but also opens up an entirely new set of approaches to a free world order built on respect for human individualism and its free fulfillment using the liberalizing nature of crypto technologies” Lupták specifies.

Other speakers who have confirmed their presence include Nassim Nicholas Taleb, an x-trader, writer, philospoher and mathematician, who will make an exception and join us via Skype. Other guests include Bitcoin core developer Peter Todd, cryptoanalyst and trader Tone Vays or theoretical physicist and CEO of Blockchain Lab, Giacomo Zucco.

The congress will also house experts from the Czech Republic including Radim Kozub and Pavel Urbaczka who are lawyers focused on cryptocurrencies as well as Pavol Lupták and Juraj Bednár, both Slovak hackers and entrepreneurs.

50 speakers, workshops and discussions largely in English along with an accompanying program will ensure three packed days from lasting from morning to night. Compared to last year’s congress, the organizers are planning more lectures on socio-economic impacts of new technologies.

A new set of practical workshops under the auspices of CryptoLab (Paralelní Polis hackerspace) will allow guests to try out new technologies to better protect their digital privacy. The atmosphere of the event will be further enriched by video projections of various documentary films throughout the event.