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Chief strategy officer at Coinshare: Nothing is decentralized

“Nothing is decentralized,” – those were the words spoken by Meltem Demirors, chief strategy officer at Coinshare, at the yesterday’s opening of the CryptoSprings conference in California. At first glance, this could sound quite surreal to keen supporters of blockchain and crypto, but the general tone given to the event was very critical.

“Decentralization is not a myth. It just has not been implemented properly yet,” – Demirors added.

The creator of the Dogecoin cryptocurrency, Jack Palmer, then bounced back on his remarks and criticized the “centralized way” in which the Bitcoin Core team had solved the recent bug in the Bitcoin code.

“There is a lack of transparency around Bitcoin Core team leaders, and the entire Bitcoin ecosystem suffers from a lack of diversity in programming languages and implementations <…> If Bitcoin was a startup, it would be dead. It has not yet reached the stage of a finished product, ” – he said.

In addition, Mr. Palmer also denounced the low number of competent developers involved in Bitcoin.

The response came from one of the Bitcoin Core developers Matt Corallo:

“People who can press the big red button are much less interesting because they intervene once the control done. Regarding the recent bug, Bitcoin Core entrusts reviewers with more responsibility than contributors. When the community lacks competent reviewers, the open source process is inherently hampered, ” – he said in the interview with Coindesk.

According to Mr Corallo, the lack of code reviewers is not due to the lack of financial means but rather to the difficulty of finding qualified engineers willing to devote their time to these matters.