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Personal data stolen from 50 million Facebook users leaked to darknet

A vulnerability in Facebook code which has recently exposed the personal information of nearly 50 million users, allowed hackers to sneak the data to darknet with intent to sell it illegally. According to Independent, the user data has already been put up for sale there.

The report notes that the hacked accounts are selling for between $3 and $12, depending on a user’s country of residence and completeness of data offered for sale. The cybercriminals behind the attack still remain unidentified. The stolen data is being sold for bitcoins and Bitcoin Cash only.

The platform selling the compromised accounts features a rating system much similar to those utilized by Amazon and eBay. Comparatively high reputation of the sellers is further evidence of the fact that 50 million Facebook accounts were indeed compromised. If sold individually at these prices, the value of the stolen data on the black market would be somewhere between $150 million and $600 million.

“Personal information is simply too valuable on the dark web. As long as stolen data continues to fetch high prices and equip perpetrators with the means necessary to carry out attacks, hold victims ransom, extort information or destroy property, organisations must exhaust all measures to diligently detect and protect their networks, devices and users,” said CEO of cyber security firm SonicWall Bill Conner, who has advised both the US and UK government on security matters.

After 50 million of its users had fallen victim to security breach, Facebook accelerated the implementation of blockchain-based solutions to protect personal data. Many users believe that should the social media network hastened the adoption of blockchain, the leak of personal data could have been effectively prevented.