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Coinbase BTC trading volume dropped to its one-year low

The third quarter of 2018 saw the bitcoin trading volume on San Francisco-based Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange declining to its one-year low, as the recent analytical report by Diar reads.

According to the diagram below, the aggregate trading volumes on Coinbase have also dropped to the lowest level during the past year. The greatest slump is shown by ETH/USD and LTC/USD pairs.

Major European cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp shows somewhat better results with the trading volume of BTC equaling to $4.4 billion, as compared to $4.6 billion in the same period last year. At the same time, ETH trading volume more than doubled since the last year and reached $669.1 million.

Despite the trading volumes going down, Coinbase has been actively expanding its services. For instance, the company has already launched a new prime brokerage service, which attracted a hedge fund with more than $20 billion under its management. This was closely preceded by the launch of a custody service, which had also attracted much attention from large investors worldwide.