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Forbes will implement a blockchain-based system of content management

International media company Forbes partnered with Civil blockchain platform to publish its content on a decentralized network, as revealed by Matt Coolidge, Civil co-founder, on October 9.

According to Coolidge, Forbes is up for integrating its own content management system (CMS). Next year, journalists will be able to upload their articles to the Civil network, while posting them on Forbes website.

Forbes will first apply this technology only to cryptocurrency-related news. Should the testing prove to be successful, the company will then expand the system on all its media content.

Matt Coolidge also stated that Forbes plans to start “experimenting with new methods of reader engagement”. Decentralized platform will also guarantee the authenticity and immutability of the content.

Civil has already partnered with Associated Press (AP), which is planning to use blockchain for copyright protection, tracking its content usage, and supporting ethical journalism. The news agency is also trialing a content storage system which is also reliant on the Civil blockchain network.

Blockchain is being increasingly applied to the media space. For instance, back in April, the European Commission (EC) announced its plans for applying blockchain technology to fight the spread of fake news in the web.